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One of the problems that I have is finding a camera bag that isn’t too large and yet can double as a purse. You can’t take photos if you don’t have your camera with you.  And I hate the idea of being out without the lens I need. Camera bags with all their pockets for extra memory cards, batteries and filters are great, and important when you are on a photo excursion, but I find that I don’t have enough space for my wallet, ereader, hand sanitizer and the extras. If I do have the space it is too difficult to get to them. So I have an idea. On Pinterest I found this Tutorial on making a camera carry insert to put in normal purses. It won’t fit in most of mine, but I’m going to see if i can get a messenger bag that the insert can fit in.

There are some awesome messenger bags on etsy and my ereader, wallet and other essential can fit in one of the other pockets. The plan is to measure how much space I will need for the insert, then buy a messenger bag. If the bag doesn’t have an outer pocket I will try and add a place for my ereader/tablet in the camera insert. I have never sewed anything ever so there will be a learning curve, though I can get my grandmother to help me figure it out. I will try and document the project and post pics of the finished project. Lets hope that it won’t turn in to one of those pinterest fail stories. Now I’m off to shop for messenger bags